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Hello Everyone ,I had an interesting day today..Seems an old family friend who is a signmaker decided he is going to give me a hardly used cutter..10-15 years old with a comp with windows 98 and a demo version of Sign Mate Pro:rolleyes:.
He says it worked fine (he doesnt know how to use it)so he used to hire someone to run it...anyway I couldnt get it to cut and being a demo he says it would cut a line through the artwork when it finishes...So he says to download WinPlot and it will work..But I cant figure it out, Corel7 is the program..I have x3 and our other shop has flexi basic....
Sorry If Im talking to much, My question is does anyone know how to use WinPlot? The help menu is helpful to maybe....Einstein, Stephen Hawkings...Most People.
Or does anyone know how I can get thifile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/Desktop/industry%20sites/The%20Letterville%20BullBoard%20Cutting%20from%20CorelDraw.urls thing cutting? Oops.. I tried to paste an url that explains this ..I dont want to mess with it until I m confident in what im using. Sorry I dont write much and skool was a long time ago so I hope Im not babbling.
I appreciate any thoughts,Ideas etc.
-g-The Letterville BullBoard: Cutting from CorelDraw hehe...The url.:eek:
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