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calling all pro printing folks

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newbie here and got few questions:

1) found that pressing with opaque 3 g after a while the paper peels (non sticking) to the tees .printer : wf7110. ink : inkproducts refillable cart. heat press: transpro. 350 F at 30sec (followed the exact instruction from opaque3g paper). what would caused this problem? pls advice

2) what device/tools do you use to align the design? its pretty nerve wrecking when you put your HTV on the tee under the heat press to alignt it but then it quickly wrinkles, any tips or tricks would be much appreciated.

3) when the instructions say medium or hard pressure, how do you know if its at the right pressure, what happens if its not the right pressure? will it effect how hard it sticks to the tee, how strong itll stay after wash? or the colors?

thanks guys :)

any comments advice tips or tricks is much appreciated :)
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not sticking is a function of time, temp, pressure or substrate
you say it is not time or temp, so that leaves pressure or substrate

medium pressure takes a decent amount of force to close (like crushing a grape),
heavy pressure requires exertion on your part (like crushing an orange)
are there any seams, zippers, etc. on the platen hindering even pressure application?

what is your substrate, are they new from a reputable supplier meant for apparel decoration?
are you using a lint roller, then pre-pressing for 5 secs with the platen just resting on the garment,
before applying your design

when you place your tee on the bottom platen grab the top of the shirt on both sides of the collar an equidistant apart,
then pull onto platen with the center of your hands in a straight line along the center of the platen to the back
now you have a straight shirt on a straight platen, use any measuring device to center where required
make sure your collar is off the platen or use a teflon pillow
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