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(California) 6 Color Head FULL Printa Silkscreen System w/EVERYTHING & also a Convection Dryer

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I am selling my 6 head Printa screen printing system with EVERYTHING you need to start printing for $5500(a GREAT deal). Also have a 770 series convection dryer I am selling separately for $1400.
I am changing the orientation of my business and will be focusing on the marketing/art side rather than producing it myself as I don't have enough space to do it on my own. I have owned equipment for about 2 years and it's rarely used.

Here is what comes with the 6 color head package--

-6 color - 770 Series Screen Printing Machine
-10+ different plastisol colors -red, turquoise, glitter, white, green, etc.
-Onboard Exposure Unit
-flash curing unit
-Built in Drying Cabinet for screens
-Full cleaning set (to wash, reclaim screens, ink etc.)
-squeegee set for silkscreening
-capilary photo film for burning images
-clear film for printing images off computer
-several screens with varying mesh widths for fine lines, glitter paint, etc.
-correction gun for mess-ups
-different sized plates
-and MANY more extras

and here is the details on the convection dryer---

----Printa---770 Series Conveyor Dryer is a uniquely designed radiant heat conveyor dryer for curing screen-printed textiles such as t-shirts, sweat shirts and more. The infrared heating elements and the doors are height adjustable. The 18" wide X 5' long Teflon mesh belt speed is also adjustable up to 34 feet per minute through the 28" chamber. The unit can be configured with a 1800 watt, 110 V heating element or a 3000 watt, 220 V element. All this provides an exceptional range of curing options in a compact and economical unit

Contact me if you'd like pictures, info, to schedule a pick-up, etc.
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Also will throw in FREE epson printer for printing transparency images for exposing
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