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Ink usage as reported in the the ink counter on my 4800 based printer. The special cleaning cycles are accessed by turning off the printer and then holding down the pause button, down arrow, and menu button. Then use the down arrow to scroll down to self testing 2 and hit the menu button, then scroll to cleaning. Be careful not to choose anything other than your desired selection so you do not alter your printer settings.

This is what my ink usage on the printer showed:
KK1 at 5.5 ml
KK2 at 9.5 ml
KK3 at 71.9 ml (like a power clean, uses less ink)
INIT FILL 321 ml.I checked it twice.

Without accessing these options in the printer menu- simply use the utilites in the LFP panel.
The simple clean uses 4.6 ml of ink.
(select clean after doing a nozzle check or hold the menu button down three seconds)
The power clean uses 96.4 ml of ink.

I don't know how much variation there is from one printer to another.( If anyone has this info on other print engines it would be interesting to know.)This information hopefully will remind everyone of the benefits of using the printer daily so we do not have to end up doing the more aggressive cleaning cycles to break stubborn clogs. I have manually measured the ink lines to each contain approx 10 ml of ink or 80 ml of ink total.
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