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CafePress Pricing for Shop Owners

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I am considering opening a premium shop in CafePress but want to make sure that they will charge a premium shop owner less than they would if I just ordered a shirt from them.

Basically, I uploaded a picture that I wanted to see on a hooded sweatshirt and they are charging me $27 for it. I don’t see how I can mark it up much more if the prices are already high.
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Here's where you can find all the pricing:
CafePress.com : Sell Your Designs, Photos and Images on CafePress.com : Products you can sell

Looks like hooded sweatshirts are 24.99 : CafePress.com : Sell Your Designs, Photos and Images on CafePress.com : Apparel

You don't have to open a premium shop to get that price though. You can get the same price by opening a FREE basic shop.
yeah its best to try it with the basic shop first. See how everything works with prizing, adding designs and so on...
Shopkeeprs get the items at the base price.
They also even offer a bulk price on most items.

For the record, most people mark up their sweatshirts $10 and they sell ;)
So don't sell yourself short if you start to sell them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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