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Hi all,

I was inspired to get into the t-shirt thing, when websites started to pop up about the new pope. So I opened my own store at cafepress


Then I thought about what other events were coming up and being a keen rugbyer myself the Lions rugby tour to New Zealand popped in my head


However, I've found that due to the heavy postage charged by Cafepress, I'm getting many potential buyers from New Zealand who spend a lot of time in my shop but then don't buy when they see the postage fees.

Does anyone know of a free shirt site in Australia or Asia where I could host these designs?


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Please don't post the same question multiple times :)

I posted an answer to your question in your other thread:

I've had several shoppers from Australia/NZ in my CafePress store. I don't think the shipping prices are stopping people from shopping if they see the t-shirt they want.

There are normally a lot of "lookers" in online stores.
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