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Can anyone tell me if they are making some good money on cafe press. Please tell me how you promote your shop. Thanks
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You may want to take a moment to read some of the other posts in this section of the forum. There are lots of great posts with promotion tips and feedback on how people are doing: CafePress - T-Shirt Forums
Thanks...Rodney for all your help
I've been in four months now and have had more success each month. I will clear about $150 in October but expect to, at least, double that in November and triple it in December.

There are tons of cafepress owners out there that are willing to give you advise and several communities of shopkeepers that work to cooperate to promote each others' shops. Twitter, Squidoo and Facebook have worked well for me. Other social networking sites and blogs have been helpful as well.

This forum does not allow posting the links to these groups as it considers in self-promotion, but if you would like more information, please send me a private message.

I wish you luck,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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