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C86 DTG Printing Problems

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I am a new member on here that built a DTG out of a c86. My problem is, I have two Epson c86 printers that wont print, not even the ink test sheet. One is a DTG and the other is stock.

They go through the paces of trying to print, but everything comes out blank. I've tried a head cleaning once or twice, and it didn't seem to make a difference... even on paper.

What I'm using is Windows XP professional, no RIP, and a USB cord. Would not using the actual printer cord be my problem? Really need some help and guidance and would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for your time.
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How long have these printers been sitting without printing? The Durabrite pigment inks Epson uses are "fast dry", meaning they clog up rather easily when not used daily. You may need to buy cleaning carts to unclog the print head, if they've been sitting for years they may be dead.

A USB cord is pretty universal and the printer probably didn't come with one anyway so whatever you have should work, as long as the computer recognizes it. Or do you mean the parallel port? I can't remember if that model is old enough to have one. It really shouldn't matter.
Thank you, Fenrir. I was actually doing some screwing around with a syringe and alcohol/water and got it to print. It's doing ok, except that it's printing magenta mostly. Probably due to a black ink clog. Still, even though there is no trace of black ink on the shirt, I am now out. Very strange.

The prints are a little strippy aswell. That one seems like a simple fix. It's the black that I really have to figure out. Real disappearing ink.
Print a nozzle check or two to force all nozzles to fire and to see which colors still need work.

For Epsons, alcohol doesn't work too well. Diluted Windex (original formula only!) or diluted household ammonia are better at clearing clogs. About 50% dilution. Windex seems to be preferred, probably due to other cleaning agents in the formula. If you're using a CIS, another issue could be ink starvation due to incorrect setup or bad seals on the dampers.
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