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C120 Printer Problems

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I'm having problems getting the Cyan to print, I have cleaned the heads several times and still no luck. I'm at a loss what to do. I do not have the original ink cartridges to clean it up with. Any ideas on what to do?
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You may need to purchase a set of Cleaning Cartridges. They have a special cleaning solution that does not damage the epson piezo printhead. www.inksupply.com has them along with dozens of other places.

DO NOT use windex as a cleaning solution. Some people use to to clean the felt pads and such on Epson printers, but it contains ammonia and can damage the printhead if you inject it directly through the ink path.

Most of the cleaning solutions are Glycerine based and are designed to re-hydrate any dried ink. You may also have an air bubble in the printhead itself which can stop a color from working.

Don't do more than 3 cleaning cycles in a row on any Epson printer. It can cause serious problems. Try printing a picture that contains all colors in between cleaning cycles. If you are doing the NOZZLE CHECK in the Epson print queue and not getting any of the cyan jets to fire, you may have a dead print head as well.
Worse case, you can buy a factory refurbished C120 direct from Epson for $39 and that includes shipping. They come with the same warranty as the new units. They also come with a set of Epson cartridges included. For that price you could almost just keep the cartridges and throw away the printer.

I use both a C88+ and a 1400 for sublimation work and have an entire spare C88+ just sitting on the shelf that I bought for less than 40 bucks.

I would buy a set of Remanufactured ink cartridges for the C120 off the web. Epson won the patent infringment thing and China is no longer able to sell manufactured Epson cars in the US, but they can sell the Remanufactured ones that were intially made by Epson and they just clean them out, stick on a new chip and refill them. You could also just buy a 3rd party set of the refillable cartridges wtih a dye based or pigment based ink and keep them around for cleaning as well.
THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. We just bought a 1400 so I will have both of them. I might be asking for help to set it up next.
Bob, sometimes folks buy a new cart from Walmart (or whereever), stick it in there, and that color works again. For some reason, sometimes carts are going bad. You are maybe like the 3rd or 4th I've seen, if your problem is the same.

One color stops printing... thru much effort and to no avail, nothing gets it working again, they put in a new cart, and bingo, printing resumes. It may not work, but I think a cart is $12 or so, isn't it? (Hub buys them - I don't look at the price... :eek:).

Anyway, thought I'd mention it since it's another possibility for you.

I have a few refurbs in stock and some in use... no issues with them... all from Epson.com.

I will be buying ink from inkjetcarts.us, I hear awesome things back from users. I also hear great things about shopdyesub.com and inkjetfly.com. Inkjetfly just reformulated their pigment ink for the 1400 and did a custom color profile for JPSS paper - if you use that. They also offered to do a custom color profile for any paper folks use, they just have to send the paper in. Good stuff - if you are looking for 3rd party ink. :)
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