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Can someone give me some info on the best place on line to order blank t-shirts...:p
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I just ordered from blankapparel.com, I did a lot of research on prices and they had the cheapest prices that I found online. First time I've used them. The shirts shipped monday so we'll see how fast they get here.
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Great! I will check them out...Thanks:)
No problem, I will let you know how fast the shipping is.
I recieved the shirts this afternoon, the order was processed yesterday. I will definitly be doing buisness with them again
Yelp! that was quick. Thanks Again:)
wow thats the cheapest ive seen but hows the qaility do they fit well as a person thats really picky on how a shirt fits its gunna bug me if i cant feel comfortable in my own product =) prolly jsut order some samples from different places any suggestions?
It all really depends on the quality of garment you are looking for. Especially because you are buying these wholesale, do you want a $2 Gildan or Fruit of the loom shirt to keep costs low? Or maybe you are looking for a higher quality, more comfortable, fashion T-shirt. In this case, you would want to explore American apparel, JS apparel, and other companies like that. These shirts typically cost closer to $5 a piece when ordered wholesale. It all depends on how you want your customers to percieve you as a printing/clothing company.

Taylor Moson
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awesome thanks for that =)
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