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Buying samples products?...good investment?

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I'm sampling and testing out different brands and tee styles, so I know which tees and products I want to print on and sell. (which as of right now, I like the Anvil 980 and Canvas tees)

I bought a bunch of different blank tees (type, brand, material) a couple of weeks ago and I just ordered a bunch more different tees, hoodies and caps.

It can get quite expensive trying to order all these different products and I know from a business decision point of view, you wanna spend $$$ wisely.

Buying all these blanks, is it smart? Do you any of you do the same thing?
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I primarily sell custom embroidered shirts. I try and always have samples of the items to show the customer. Sure it requires an investment, but IMO that is part of doing business.

I find the customers prefer and like to both see and touch the item before choosing instead of being forced to choose from a picture.

I also like to insure I am happy with the quality and style of an item, and like yourself like to test my work on a product first, before I offer it for sale.

I don't however think that is the only way to do it. If you find it easier to handle, I don't think it is unreasonable to work primarily from a catalog, especially if you want to offer hundreds of options to the customer. Personally, I like to keep the options I show a customer to a minimum. I believe I can better keep control over the entire process doing so.
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I keep some samples on hand, but my primary supplier offers free shipping and no restocking fee to return samples. Because of that I just order them as I need them.
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