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Buying first heat press - Advice needed

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Hello folks,

I'd hate for my first post on these forums to be a newbie one, but here I am... :-S

I have been reading a lot about the different types of tshirts and whatnot and being new and wanting to simply try this out on my spare time, I limited my budget quite a bit. If it all works out well, perhaps I'll move on to better equipment.

So, I've decided to try out the heat transfer method for starters. After reading a few posts, I've decided to purchase JPSS for my whites and BlueGrid for my darks.

I am now looking at purchasing my first heat press. To be honest, I would have liked to get a 16x24 but being that I am on a budget, I found a 15x15 for 200$ + 30$ for shipping, which would fit my budget. The only problem is that I know nothing of this brand and can't find anything on this forum about it.

I already asked the buyer if he guarantees that the heat is evenly distributed and he said yes (obviously). To be sure, I thought I'd ask if anyone has every tried this press:


Thank you for your time !
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Most of the machines that are shown as 'sublimation' do not have enough pressure to apply the plastisol transfers that you will be using. They may be ok for transfer paper but beyond that I would be wary.
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It looks a lot like mine. It works. The important aspects of a heat press are digital temp settings and digital timers. This has both. I do foil transfers and vinyl transfers with mine. I screen print so I don't need it for plastisol transfers but I still use a lot of torque and it works just fine. Can't beat that price. I will warn you though that it won't last as long as the higher priced brand name presses will, but at that price you can afford to replace it when it dies.
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Excellent news. I figured that this product wouldn't have a lifetime guarantee haha.. To be honest, I wasn't planning on using plastisol, or at least not while starting up.

I think I'll give this a go !

Appreciate the feedback :)

Also, it is important that there will be customer service available to deal with any problems.
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