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Buyers Beware Mesa Distributos

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Purchased a Decor 2 Rhinestone setting machine in 2014 from Mesa Distributors. For 2-1/2 years the machine ran very good with just a few minor problems but where fixed fast and easily.
On Nov 16, 2016 the machine started throwing stones. Called tech support and talked to Adam. He told my husband to move 2 of the cards and replace each one with the other. He told him to unplug the machine which he did. He did not unplug from the wall. Once he did that and turned the machine back on all kinds of things stopped working. The table did not move, the nozzles stopped working. lights where not coming on that should have been lite up on the mother board and the motor board. So from the machine just throwing some stones it went to not working at all.
Now it is 11 months later and the machine still is not working.
At first the company was just throwing parts at us with no reason as to why they would be sending this part or that part. None of them worked. Finally they said they ordered a board from South Korea "manufacturer of this machine" and that would fix the problem. They sent it out to us and it did make the items come back on but as far as running it drops stones and flings them ever where. Still can not use the machine.
We have lost $70,000 due to the fact that this machine is not working. And yes I do have records showing income lost, phones call to them and phones from them. Most of the time I would have to call for days trying to get someone to return my calls. When I did get a hold of a tech it still did not good. Phone records show that we called and called and never got a call back.
After not getting any calls back I decided to contact the manufacturer in South Korea see if they could help me with fixing the machine. I had to hire a interpreter that speaks Korean. I was emailed back that they could not help us that I would have to go through Mesa.Then they blocked me from being able to email them.
Great Company!

At that time the machine was still under warranty. Since then the machine was paid off and is no longer under warranty.
The general sales manager offered for us to ship the machine to them and they would go through it and find out what was wrong and fix it, but we would have to pay for the shipping to them and back. I wanted them to send someone here because now that the machine had been not working our income had dropped a lot and I was lucky to be able to keep up with the payments.
Since the machine is now paid off I can take that money and send the machine back to them which I don't feel I should have to pay for since this all started with their technician not informing us to unplug it from the wall. "Adam"
Anyway called and asked them last week if we could send it in and if the offer still stood and the general sales manager said no because it has been out of warranty for to long.
I only paid it off 2 weeks ago. I had to pay for a machine that has not run in months .
I want this machine fixed, it should have been fixed when it was still under warranty.
If they can not fix it then send me another machine.
People before you buy from them go to the BBB on the internet and look for complaints about this company also go to Ripoff report.com . I wish I would have before I bought from them.:mad:
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