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Buy stock pic or have one created

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Ok, hope I'm explaining it well.
I want to use some world map images and there are loads online but is that an infringement?

I'd be adding it to my designed t-shirt.

Should I have it designed for me or maybe buy stock photos?

So let's say I want the map of China added to my t-shirt... download from Google or have it created?

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Just because it's on the internet doesn't make anything free for the taking...im sure whereever you're looking has a copyright emblem at the bottom of the page lol..

With that being said, try asking for permission ?
There are plenty of sites that offer pics under public domain, Creative Commons usage that allow you to use the images for free, even for commercial purposes, with no fee or attribution needed.

Chances are, that if you hire someone to create something for you, they will use the exact same sites, or purchase images through sites like shutterstock the same way you could.

So, the bottom line is, you don't pull a pic off the internet. Unless it's specifically stated otherwise, you can assume you don't have permission to copy a photo for commercial use, and doing so could land you in legal trouble if you ever get caught.

I personally know a company that paid a marketing company thousands of dollars to put together a website for them. Guess what...all the images they used, were on a site that provides free, public domain images! I found the exact same images on one of those sites. You can do the same thing!
Two websites I visit often are www.pixabay.com and www.pexels.com Both have hundreds of high res photos that have been donated by the owners. Each photo has permissions listed next to it and most of them say free for personal and commercial use.

And you can upload some of your own high res photos if you want so that other people might use them. The internet seems to have made us all a little more generous.
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although they are free at pixabay and pexels (or any other free site),
there was still work involved to produce a decent product
so if you do end up using something commercially, remember to return and buy the artist a cup of coffee
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https://photodune.net has some great stock images for a really affordable price.
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