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buy designs for resale

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Does anyone know of a website where I can buy t-shirt designs and have them printed on blanks. egg. skull designs, military, motorcycle etc. very generic type.
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There's a lot of clip art places out there. You can also go to Getty Images and purchase various pictures, etc.
Make sure to read the fine print when purchasing a design. I was reading the fine print on some of these graphic sale sites and saw that it said you cannot use their graphics on products that you plan to resale....for example a t shirt you sell.
there are alot of graphic designers on myspace [sorry if thats tacky] that have uploaded there portfolio for you to pick some designs.
There are several sites that sell pre designed t-shirt designs such as tshirtfactory.com, gomedia.com or hitmandesigns.com. They sell ready to print designs. Then there are places like istock.com, shutterstock.com and clipart.com that sell images that aren't specifically for shirts but you can buy them and design around the images to make them unique. Just read the licensing agreements on them to make sure they are royalty free, and that they are able to be used for retail printing uses. Places like istock and shutterstock requires you to buy extended licenses to print on t shirts.
I found a great source in actionartclub.com for $30 a month, u can download 30 pcs of art. They add things everymonth and they use corel draw templates. Check it out
A lot of the time if I'm trying to design something like a skull shirt, I'll google something like "skull vector" or "free skull vector" and browse through google images, I have run across A LOT of websites that give out free vector images, and a lot of the elements you can use elsewhere.

One I know off hand is : Dezignus.com - vector,icons,brushes,textures, wallpapers,anime,girls,tutorials

They have a lot of random vector stuff, I sit there and go through page after page finding stuff to use.
Just be very careful when thinking something is free. Make sure to read the license on the image to make sure it is able to be used for resale purposes. Most images are not free for commercial use and can get you into big trouble with infringement if used without permission. I dont agree that googling and finding images that way, is a good way to go. If you searched for my designs in google images from my site they will come up, and they are not for anyone to use. This is a really big misunderstanding that people think just because they can find it on google, its free, that is not the case. Those images belong to someone.
well the way im doing my site with my designs is if you purchase you are purchasing royalty free use to the design. So you can buy and print and sell your shirts,
Thank you for all the help, It will get me going the right direction.
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