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Hey Everyone,

Ok so i have been searching the internet and forums for quite some time now researching this industry. I feel i have quite a bit done and would like to share my business plan of sorts for you guys and gals to check out and tell me what you think. Please be brutally honest as i have ALOT riding on this and this and a potentially very large investment that I want to make sure is as sound as can be. Thanks in advance for your time.

So a little history on me, not that it matters but just want you to know who your dealing with, lol. I am 26 years old and live in NW Ohio. I have a wife and 3 beautiful children. My 9-5(or 5-9) is a career as a sign installer/professional driver, I love what I do and I feel privilaged to say that! I have a decent foundation as far as my experience with vinyl is concerned, I dont know it all but I am capable of working with it efficently. I am ready to step out and try to do something on my own and feel that this is it, so here goes nothing.

I will be setting up in a 7x14 trailer because I feel that will allow me to maximize my availability. I will offer decals, simple banners, t-shirts, Home accents and the like. I will also optimize my equipment by printing masks and such for painted signs and yard decorations. I am very big into the Kustom Kulutre scene and feel that will offer alot of potential work and also potential contacts at a lot of surrounding shows. I already have a booth at the local flea market. This flea market will be home base for my venture as I will not have to pay anything to setup in the parking lot since I have an inside booth. I will be there on weekends unless I have the trailer booked at better venue. Having it in a trailer also allows me to work on any larger runs i may get during the week at home. I also have a contact with the local go-cart circuit(man these guys are serious, lol) and will be attending alot of their races(tues. and thurs. nights). So thats the tenative plan for success, now heer is what i thinking of starting with.

-Roland GX-24
-Epson WF 1100 w/ C.I.S.
-25" Cold Laminator
-16x20 Heat Press
-Small Sandblasting Cabinet
-7x14 Trailer
-Vinyl Wall Rack

-Oracle 631 12 Color Starter Pack 24"x10yds
-Oracle 651 12 Color Starter Pack 24"x10yds
-Oracle 751 12 Color Starter Pack 24"x10yds
-GS Intermediate Calandered 15"x50yds(x2, 1W, 1B)
-2 Color Banner 6 Color Starter Kit 24"x5yds
-PrintMe Balloon Kit

-12"x18" Aluminum Blanks(x5)
-Clear Transfer Tape 24"x100'
-Med Tack Transfer Tape 24'x100'
-Magnetic Blanks 12"x24"(x10)
-Banner Blanks 24"x6'(x10)
-Lamination Film

-Heat Press Transfer Paper

-Stock T-Shirts

-Paint Mask 24"x100yds
-Media Blasting Mask 24"x100yds

-Weeding Pick Set
-Self Healing Cutting Mat
-Heat Gun
-Roller Applicator
-Splash Concentrate
-Mondo Trimmer 25"
-Bigfoot Ruler
-Big Squeegee
-Vinyl App Starter Kit
-Rivet Brush
-Seal It pen
-Masking Tape

-Lots of Vector

-Binders (x6)
-Poster Frames (x8)
-App Tape roller

-Order Forms
-Reciept Book
-Business cards
-Printing Paper
-Bank Boxes
-File Folders
-Surge protectors

ok well I think thats all i got so far, lol, I know I have to be forgetting somethings. If there is an
next to it than I am not quite sure about it advice would be appreciated. I will be customizing the trailer myself to make it work for my needs(I have quite a BG in welding and fab). Well thanks again for your time and any input would be a awesome!

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