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business plan

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We are three 17 year old kids and were trying to write our business plan could yall plz help us and tell us what should be included in it lol
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It depends on what kind of product and/or service the company will offer to determine what needs to be in the business plan. But the number one things you need to do, even before you start the business plan is decide what you want to sell, who you want to sell it to, and why you even want to do this. In other words, you need to have reasonable confidence you have a product that will be marketable to enough people, and that you have good knowledge and personal interest in your product. If someone is just looking to make a quick buck and thinks they know a hot product to sell, the vast majority of the time it just crashes and burns.

A good business plan starts with identifying a market and channels into that market. Identifying a market is identifying and determining the actual product and/or service, the target demographic, the competition, trends in the culture of the market, sourcing for the components that the company needs to produce their product and/or service (this includes people, equipment, materials and supplies and more), channels for distribution (the way you get the product out to be sold), and more things I have left out.

Then you need financials that include your investment capital, working capital, projections for expenditures and receivables, and more.

There are some very good business plan software programs you can purchase that will lead you through the process of creating a business plan. Also, there is SCORE, a free service for entrepreneurs: SCORE | Small business mentoring and training | SCORE . SCORE is made up of successful business people that are passing on things they learned to help up and coming entrepreneurs and business people.

Then there is the governments Small Business Administration: U.S. Small Business Administration-Your Small Business Resource . Another very good place for free resources for new and small businesses.

Both SCORE and the SBA can help you create or point you to resources to get a good business plan for your venture.
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I just finished my business plan and I have to say Mark is right on with all the information to include.

I found some good info at www.bplans.com. They have some good sample business plans that can give you some direction.

If takes sometime to get all the right information and to put into words, but once you start, you will be surpised how much info you have.

Good luck.
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