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Our screen printing company went out of business and we need to sell some inventory and left over printing items. We are located in Southern Utah and it would be great if someone in our area or surrounding areas could possibly help us out or refer us to someone they may know. We realize some items are too large to ship, but we have other items we believe could be shipped anywhere if someone is interested.

Here is a quick list of some of our items:

Plastisol inks - Quart size, various colors
Used screens - Some are in decent shape and could be reused.
Pallet tape for platens (approx 1 1/2 rolls)
Squeegies - Sizes 6, 12 and 15
Wood and aluminum tables
Mannequins - Men and women half body, standing and hanging
Blank t-shirts - Primarily Port Authority, mens and womens. Also have tees with our logo printed on the right sleeve but nowhere else (hate to have to throw them out because of that).
Blank sweatshirts and a few hoodies
Clear plastic bags for the shirts
Heat sealer for plastic bags
Flat U-Line Shipping boxes, various sizes
Aluminum rolling screen racks (s)

If you or someone you know are interested in any of the items, please contact us for more specific information, sizes, colors, pics, etc. We need to sell these items quickly.

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