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Burning a Screen?

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I have a yudu machine :/ and have been trying to get a good burn on my screen. It never seems to fully burn my image. Should I just burn it longer then 10 minutes? Is there such thing as over burning an image?

Help would be very appreciated.
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What do you mean it never fully burns the image? Do you mean when you go to wash it out, that only part of your image is washing out? If so, then that is overexposure. That could be due to too much time with your set up, exposing your screens to UV light for too long or your films not being dense enough. It could also be bad emulsion, but my guess is, this is a new setup and if I'm not mistaken, Yudu uses capillary film.
Ahhh. Didn't think one light bulb would hurt it. Just bough some UV bug lightbulbs hahh. Nah I use emulsion for my screens. The cap films for yudu are wayyy expensive lol.

Thanks Alot mayne. Hope you have a lot of answers, cuz i have a lot of questions haha.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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