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burned my shirts conveyor dryer,,,HELP!

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Ok i have a workhorse conveyor dryer compact.i was checking with temp gun and it seemed they were getting 320 in the middle but not on the edge of design.so i turned it up to where it was getting around 375 in the middle and 320 on the edges.when i use the flash to cure they get up to 400 in areas before the whole image gets 320 and it never burns them.but in the conveyor it seemed it burned my whole job before i noticed..........i didnt have a good light at the end of my conveyor.any help would be appreciated.most burnt on the front where i folded them under so they wouldnt burn and it made them sit a little higher in the oven
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You wanna try just slowing belt down instead of turning up the temp. I would rather take a lil longer than scorch a couple of shirts.
i only have belt speed control..but i can raise the doors or raise the element?
Yes, that will help.
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