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Burned a few of my whites.

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So i just did nice run on my white shirts. After the run i had to go over them a second time to add a logo on the sleeves. I have a regular 6" Little Buddy conveyor dryer and i cannot set the temp but i can set my speed. I usually dry them at 3.6-3.9 speed with the doors closed on both sides. Now as im doing my 2nd run on the sleeves logos i notice my whites got scorch marks. After 24 shirts we went back over and most of them have scorch marks on them. So what i did was open the end of dryer up about 4.5" while i left the front all the way down. That stopped it from burning so i had a good run on the rest. People told me rubbing alcohol and a washer will remove it but i was wondering if i can just re-dye the shirts white again. Its a 1 color print with black ink. You guys think that will take away from the print?

BTW: These are the shirts i printed out and a few of the whites got burned.

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I rub some water on it with a little soap. Then launder the shirt
If I don't launder it, it will leave water marks on the shirt.

Try it on ONE shirt first.
Pretty much it has to be washed?
Hydrogen peroxide works wonders on scorch marks. Use a 50/50 solution of it with water and just spray it on the scorch marks. Then wash them. I'm afraid washing is the only way to get rid of the burns.
Yes, I think it was hydrogen peroxide now that you mentioned it. It's been awhile. But we just ran them under the heat again.
Ok i will get some Hydrogen peroxide after work and mix it with water and run it thru the dryer again. As long as i dont have to wash them then i am good. Last year was even worse i did not invest in a spot gun and so i wasted allot of shirt with smears and also a few burnt shirts. So all i do i just spray the full area of the shirt and then let it sit for like 5mins or just run them into the dryer after i spray it?
I can't answer that. I've always washed them after spraying them. I don't have a conveyor dryer, just a flash dryer.
You can use the flash dryer too. Just spray and heat. Works great on the stuff I had to do a while back.
^^^oh heck yes.. But how long should I leave it on.. 10sec or less?
The biggest issue is over curing. I would do a stretch test and see if the ink cracks. If it does, you've most likely over cured it. You can do a wash test and see how they hold up, but that's not always an option. Stretching it will tell you if the ink is under or over cured.
Soo i just washed a sample black tee with white ink twice n I notice on the bottom letters the ink washed off. I probably went thru thr shirt 3 times to get a,nive bright print. Im guessing when I ran it thru the dryer.. it wasnt hot enough to cure it.. So to stretch test to see if its undercure.. What am I looking for?
So to stretch test to see if its undercure.. What am I looking for?
If it cracks on the stretch.

My guess is you are either pulling the shirt out before the shirt went all the way through, or it's falling off the belt before the bottom of the image is fully cured.

With three layers of white, you need to cure all the way through to the bottom of the ink, so you would most likely just slow down the belt a little more and you should be fine.
I have some scorched marked shirts as well. i dont have a conveyor dryer... so basically the 50/50 hydrogen peroxide/water mix on either side is fine? then how long do i leave it under the flash dryer? wouldnt this burn the shirt again?

what is the cause for this? i noticed it never happened on my first print but on the second and third time thats when they would usually burn... (im printing front image, inside tag, lower back for my logo) these are from the next level 3900........
Just leavie it under the flash for no longer than you would to cure a shirt. Less time than that if it clears the scorch sooner. And, I would guess that your flash wasn't up to full temperature yet if you don't scorch the first print but do scorch the prints after that. Just adjust your cure time as needed after the flash has reached it's full temperature setting.
They are just getting too hot or the surface you are laying them on is getting too hot. Or you are leaving them under the heat too long.

I've never tried reheating after putting on peroxide. I just toss mine in the washer.
regular old peroxide straight from the bottle put in a squirt bottle spray on shirt re run through dryer done....atleast that worked for me when I had this problem. oh yea when you rerun them keep a eye on your temp if you don't have a heat gun get one...
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