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Bullet list for "How to Screenprint"

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There may be many pots on this but my children want to leave for school so I don't have time to search right now!

Is there a written out bullet type list on how to screen print? I'm just starting out. I've read pages and pages of posts, I've gotten instruction from the guy I bought my equipment from, I've watched Youtube videos. So I get the general idea. But I'm afraid I'm going to forget a step once I try to do this. I'm definitely trying to learn as much as I can before I actually print my first shirt. So I'd like to have a list in my shop with me on what all I need to do from the initial washing out and degreasing of the screens when I get them new to washing them out after printing shirts.

Thanks so much for your help!
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wet screen
degrease screen
dry screen
coat screen w/ emulsion
dry screen
expose screen
develop screen
dry screen
block out pinholes
dry screen
tape off inside edges of screen
register screen
ink screen

finally you can print!

scrape out ink from screen
remove tape
reclaim screen

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it sounds simple just in a bullet list, there is a lot of know how in just about every one of those steps, but this should help you remember what to do. I've had to recite this list to a customer before that didn't want to pay $20 for a screen charge. I asked how many more steps does it take to make it worth $20!!!
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Thank you! That's exactly what I needed. I just wanted to make sure that the steps I have in my head that I'll need to do are in fact all the steps! So many of these posts talk about the different elements but they obviously have to go in the right order!

I got one screen (out of 3) cleaned and ready to go for my first test print tomorrow! I'm excited. :)
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