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Bulk ink

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Yeah! Bulk system Heaaaaah! wooooohooooo
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more info? ,pretty please with a cherry on top!
We've heard about this briefly from someone at Brother a few weeks ago. From what I was told, it's basically a piece of equipment that will allow you to refill your cartridges from a bulk in supply for a savings of I believe around 30%. However this piece of equipment requires a rental fee per month of something like $400 or something, though it could be lower. So if you do enough shirts per month to offset the rental fee this could be a huge savings.
so we are still talking about the refilling station, not a bulk ink CIS. Well I guess eventually we will hear about it if it drops costs considerably. thanks
It's really convenience tight now . Less shipping and ink at you willing. Often we find ourselves running out and having to wait to long for ink to arrive
The rental is actually 461 plus tax
I guess if you can offset the rental fee with what you charge for shirts and how many you do per month it would help. I was a bit concerned with going from a sealed cartridge as a lot of printers now are, back to a bulk system since that opens up a lot of potential problems. However, I heard that this unit is the same unit they use at the Brother facility to fill up the cartridges we purchase, so maybe it isn't so bad. The fact that they are now offering alternatives to help drive the ink cost down tells me that they've probably been getting a lot of complaints and have probably seen an impact in demand for the machine due to their white ink cost, so this can't be a bad thing.
But it seems they trade one revenue stream from high cost ink to rental tanks.
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If you use more than 7 cartridges a month, for 1800 you can buy 6 and with the reload station you get 7, If you do 12 or more cartridges then savings become apparent, but I don't think anyone is doing that much with this machine, I mean if you are dropping 4000 $ in white ink a month in 1 year you could get a new machine.416 for the rental I think is ....... not the nicest to say the least, if you hit a bump in production and use less than 2000 cc in any given month you'll be loosing to using cartridges.
We are getting busier and averGing 6-8 carts a month for the most part
6-8 is about what we're seeing now. Some of the jobs we're doing are for a few hundred pieces with 2-5 cc's of white ink being used per shirt. We do a lot of heavy coverage/white ink designs so it seems to be going a lot faster than previous months. The real kicker is the fact that the system won't let you do your initial cleaning with any cartridges blinking, so we have to end up ordering ink earlier than we really need just to make sure we can do the weekly maintenance. We could always just order 1 cart and do the initial one at a time from the same full cart, but then you have that cart that's 50-200 cc's short because it reloaded some or all of the lines and you have to end up ordering ink anyhow.
with the bulk tank a liter is $380
not to be picky but: if you buy one bulk ink tank a month is 503 a litter before tax if you buy one every 2 moths around 623 a litter. If you buy two tanks a month is 442 a litter. The charger has to be accounted for, that is the whole deal. If they sold you the charging station you could account for the ROI differently but with a monthly bill there is no way you cannot add it up to the cost of the ink.
$1320 divided by 3.5 =$377. With out considering the lease. If only 1 jug a month at $500 a liter you still save decent amount of %. If one can't do enough printing to cover at least 3.5 liters monthly than the tank option isn't for them. A company doesn't spend 60k to do small numbers. Also trust ME I'm not happy about it but after weighing out some things we felt it was better to have than not have because of flexibility.
agreed, if you consistently use more than 6 cartridges, you'll be saving some and that speaks for itself, I'm just worried about months where production might slow down and you end up offsetting the savings in the prior month. Anyway cool news, If any of you end up getting this charging station and do not have to sign NDAs please post a pic.
Just out of curiosity isn't the charging station ready and available? If so, then why would you need to sign a NDA? If not, then I understand fully. ;)
We have it already but I know the brother mafia is sensitive about what is public knowledge. Lolol I may not post a pic I've try to be careful by not sharing Area 51 secrets
I know the brother mafia is sensitive about what is public knowledge.
Uh oh, just revealing this might get you in trouble. ;)
C'MON! You certainly have the right no to post any info that you deem it might take your competitive edge away, but it would be nice. That's why I joked about NDAs because I knew some are pretty found of secrets ( which make no sense to me, whatsoever, shared info is power to the community).I was going to rant about how childish it is to tease but it is OK, deep inside me I know where this attitude comes from. eventually said info will surface. Congrats on your acquisition then.
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