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Hi All,

I recently ordered a bulk ink system for my Epson 1280 from shopdyesub. They suggested I use their purging cartridges first because I was using Epson inks and would be replacing them with Magic Mix inks. I installed their purging cartridges and ran a few cleaning/nozzle check cycles. I followed their instructions to the letter. My printer started making really loud noises during the cleaning cycle, seemed like they were coming from the paper feed slot, the red ink/paper light came on and I then got a message to abort because something was jammed in the printer, but nothing was jammed. I tried calling shopdyesub but no one has been answering the phone for the past 2 days. i gave up on the purging cartridges and removed them and installed the bulk ink system, again following their instructions to the letter. I ran a nozzle check and got 2 vertical half inch black lines down each side of the paper but no nozzle check lines, when I tried a cleaning cycle, the same noise was happening as before, the red ink/paper light came on and again it asked me to abort. I tried printing color bars but again got the red light and abort message.
Any suggestions??????


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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