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Building your own frames

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I am a newbie to screen printing and I am researching as much as I can to DYI anything to save money. After watching a tutorial I am in the proccess of building my own screens. I purchased 160 mesh screen and some 2x2 pieces of wood. My goal is to have the sides 20 in and the top/bottom 16 in (so a 12in to achieve 16 total).

Is this something that can work out? What should I know when doing this?
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Also, is 160 mesh count decent for all around printing?
Make sure you have square corners and kiln dried wood. Cut mortises and glue the corners together. Sand paper the gluing surface with a 150 sandpaper. After you glue the mesh use staple tape to help hold. Although I am not sure why you would want to build one. This is how they use to do it before we started to mass produce them.
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