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Building flash unit with ceramic IR heat elements

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I was wondering if one can use InfraRed ceramic heat elements to build a flash unit. I want to use it to spot flash as well as curing garments. I've attached a pic of how the ceramic element look. i was thinking of putting a few together, build a box and a stand.
these elements are 1000w each and their size is about 250mm X 60mm.
any help, advice or suggestions ?

Thanks alot.


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Yes, you can use ceramic elements for flashing. Think of some of the low-budget things people use to cure their shirts: heat guns, ovens, et cetera.

How efficient it will be, I have no idea...
I have a heat gun and a heat press. but i'm looking for a bigger unit to cure bigger designs like all over prints as well.

At 250x60mm, you'll need a lot of them wired together to do an all over flash.

You should be able to get them larger--although I guess if you can get small ones for free or really cheap, maybe it would be worth the work of wiring them together and insulating them...
I can get it for cheap. there are bigger ones, that's about twice the size of the above mentioned one. how is IR ceramic heat elements compared to the IR rods in terms of heat and consistency ?
have anyone tried ceramic heat elements before.
I see the some over dryers use ceramic elements, or is it not the same ?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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