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Hi All:
Welp, I did this time. I really did it something good. Put myself in a real pickle. Buffalo T-shirts is officially up and running. I want to thank everyone at T-shirt Forums for all the help, encouragement and countless tips. I'm sure Ill be back often to fine-tune this mutha, but for now its all I can do but stare blankly at my Paypal balance as it sits unnerevingly patient at $0.00. Just kidding. It feels good to have it up but already Im thinking "I should flip-flop the t-shirt images with the copy so the images are seen upon entering" Im guessing this kind of tweaking will go on for awhile.
In the meantime, its time to put in motion some online marketing ideas and see what works and what doesnt.
If you get a chance, swing by and let me know what you all think. Thanks again,
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