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Received my China heat press the day before. Looked pretty solid.. none of the scratches that other people had experienced.. just one tiny area where the paint is chipped off.

We tried printing our first tee with it today, with a sample transfer paper on a white, 100% cotton t-shirt.

We printed the design on our existing Canon ip4760 (with dye inks.. I think we need to change to pigment inks?)

We then set temperature to 186-degree at 15 secs (although the manual says 185-degree, ok, cos it was trial). The press took about 15 mins to reach 186-degree, then it jumped to 187, then 184, then back to 186, stabilising...

At this moment, we put in the t-shirt, quickly pressed down the handle a bit to smoothen the tee, rapidly place the transfer paper with the design on the tee, and pressed down the handle again. After 15 secs, the handle sprung up, notifying us that it was ready.

The tee came out with a crampled design in front, with circular bubbles on top.. see image below.

I'm guessing it's the quality of the transfer paper? Anyone has such experience.. the paper feels very light and thin and crumpled to me before the print. Am going to get a good transfer paper for the next print, if I can get the Jetprosoft stretch in Singapore.

Anyone can advise? Thanks!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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