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Hello everyone..
Previously i'm using Xerox fax machine as my printer in my pattern using a tracing paper..i'm little bit satisfied how xerox fax machine works. Unfortunately, the fax/printer have some kind of technical problem. In short, I cannot use it anymore. I decided to buy Brother 1510 printer having in mind that all laser printer have same output. As soon I printed my first art design, I found out that its output is not suitable for exposure requirement, I cannot adjust the out into more dark or thicker. I've explore already all the printer output adjustment but no to avail the desired output.

Due to my disappointment, i bought again another printer Epson L210, Output is good but as I observe when i print using tracing paper ink, It bloods causing my pattern to burst..

Anyone can give me advise on what to do about my 2 printers? Tracing paper is the only material available in our local market as substitute to the more expensive if i'll use films..

Thanks so much in advance..God bless
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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