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Brother PR1000 Parts

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Aloha, I am looking for any information on where I might be able to find a Takeup Lever Cover Assembly (PN:XE7901001) for a Brother PR1000 Embroidery Machine. I was told that Brother no longer makes the replacement cover and am stuck trying to either find a good condition used one, or somone who may know someone that makes and sells a knockoff part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Aloha and Mahalo
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TAKEUP LEVER COVER ASSY PR655/655C - XF2068001 - Baystate Office Solutions

Came up on a search, not sure if it is the exact same part or not, give them a call...
Thanks for the response. I do not believe that is the right one. I believe that is for the PR600 machine.
Thanks for looking though.
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