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Brother Ink Washability Quality vs Dupont Inks on a Black Shirt

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I've been doing wash (and wear) tests on the same design printed on a Brother 782, and a DTG Raptor.

I'de like to know what your Experienced opinions of the QUALITY OF THE PRINT in
1. Detail,
2. Color Vividness, and
3. Fibers poking through ie pinholes thru the design

of a 100% Cotton Black Shirt washed 5-10 & 10-20 times that was printed on the Brother 782, or a machine using the newest Dupont Inks?

We're using 100% Cotton Gildan 2000 Shirts, with only 1 hit of White.
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Well, seeing as you are the one doing this test, and it's safe to assume no one else is doing this specific comparison, we would like to know what your experiences have been.
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I need YOUR experiences in INK QUALITY LONGEVITY.

Maybe I should post this in the DTG forum as I know the Brother Ink Quality and Longevity is really good...

I'm interested in what you think (and know) about the DTG Dupont Inks compared to the Brother Inks on Black Shirts.
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