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Brother GT381 test

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We did a test with the Brother GT381, and with very bad results, maybe some can help us out.
We did the test on black t shirts and sweaters, in the beginning the colours where not bright and shiny, but after changing some levels in the software everything became better... untill we pressed the shirt again under the heatpress to secure the ink. After these final press (180°C) the prints are not anymore bright and shiny.
We tryed about everything, but the result wasn't good. On sweatshirt we still got a lot of little parts who where not filled up with ink.
And the end of the day we stopped all test and went home. So our conclusion is that it takes a lot of work to get your design bright and shiny on the shirts (serveral tests to get good results), and after you got the good result its gone by pressing the shirt under the heatpress to secure the ink.
Did we do something wrong ?
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1. Did you pretreat?
2. Are you printing with white ink?
3. Are the garments 100% cotton; if not, what blend are they?
4. Can you post photos (without flash)
Yes we did use pretreatment and printing with white ink, T shirts where 100% cotton, sweatshirt 80% cotton-20% polyester (Fruit of the Loom).
I check if i can post some pictures tomorrow.
Fruit of the Loom is one of the worst brands for DTG. Even Companies that were large FOTL distributors started offering another brands when they aded DTG to their printing departament.

Try Keya - they behave pretty well for the price and they have their main office and wherehouse in your contry I belive.
The other thing that might be considered is the pressure being used to dry the pretreat and cure the ink. You want heavy pressure for the pretreat so you can evaporate all the fluid. You want light pressure to cure the ink. Too much pressure when curing the ink will drive the ink into the fibers of the garment.

imprime y deja secar 15 minutos sin prensar ,luego prensa muy flojo
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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