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Brother GT-541 - MINT cond- $7200- in pittsburgh

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I have a Brother GT-541 printer and stand for sale- about 18,000 prints.
This printer is in MINT condition and has worked flawlessly since I bought it about 3 years ago...
I have owned Tjets, Anajets, and another printer and this Brother is in another league - My biggest regret is that I did not buy the brother first!! You just turn it on and it prints perferctly time after time.
If you are thinking of getting into DTG - do not get anything but a brother- even if you do noy buy mine- buy a brother- I cannot say enough about how great this printer is.
Anyway I am in Pittsburgh and would like to sell it to someone who can pick it up, rather than ship. I also have a 16x20 auto open Stahls heat press I can sell as well...just make me an offer on the printer and/or press too. Thanks! -Vince
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Just an update as I have been getting a lot of questions:
1- The printer is still running and being run every day and if you like you can come and print with it to verify it is in perfect condition.
2- I actually have 2 16x20 digital heat presses and will eventually be selling both so you can make an offer on one or both if you like.
3- The printer has never been in for repairs/maintenace as it has never had any issues
4- I have done all regular scheduled maintenance which on the brother is just replacing the wiper cap after every black ink change and also the waste ink tank when full (heppened once) and grease the rail once a year...other than that there is no maintenance which is why this printer is so amazing.
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