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First post here, be kind to me to please :) . I always appreciate the info here, this is by far the most helpful forum.

I have a gt-541 that all of the sudden produced a streak in the black nozzle check. I can see it faintly when printed on shirts. I suspect a clogged printhead. Is my printhead doomed?

I tried running several powerful cleanings and manually cleaned the nozzle using a ton of solution and swabs. Cleaned the wiper and caps. Checked the cap drainage.

I am low on black in (indicator is flashing and new ink arriving in a couple days). That shouldn't be the cause right? And also about a week ago, a message appeared saying my waste tray was full. I pulled it out, it didn't seem full, but then the message disappeared. What's strange to me is that the line only appears in the solid black part. The lighter black part next to it seems ok.

Here is the nozzle check.

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