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Brother 650 machine help threading

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Help threading my PR 650. Any hints?
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you can read the book that comes with the machine, its in there!
Or else the instruction "on screen" in your machine.
There are arrows on the machine in the path of the thread, you must follow them.

Dumb question.....dumb answer. Just smiled when I read your answer because my question was dumb. I have read the my manual and watched some you tube videos on my machine. BUT my machine has always been hard to thread. Just thought someone else might have the same question before I take it to my dealer.
Thank you for your quick reply.
If you have already threaded youre machine then you could clip off the thread you must replace and tie it to the new colour, then pull it down so you don't have to thread it all over again. (does that make sense?)

What do you mean by "hard to thread"......in what way?
Thanks everyone for your help. Took my machine in and the hook was bent.
Thank you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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