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Bright Multi-Color Printing

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Hey all,

I have been a follower of the forum for two years now but never posted a question of my own. Here it goes.

I want to print the image of a painting on a t-shirt, full-color, large print. What would be the best method to do so without loosing any quality on the image and have the most comfortable shirt possible? I have attached the image I'm looking to print. It would probably be on a black shirt. I appreciate any advice!!
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Wow! How many colors is that? It might turn into a screen printing nightmare...but if you got it worked out, it would be a very cool shirt to print using discharge for a soft feel.

I would farm it out to someone who could so DTG.... or maybe even sublimation on a 100% polyester shirt.

That looks to be DTG to me also. Even with process colors separations it would lose some detail.
Love the piece!

I'd say Simulated Process. And if you're not very experienced with doing separations but you're intent on trying to print this yourself, job out the separations to someone who knows what they're doing.

When you say, "most comfortable shirt possible" I assume you mean very soft hand. Discharge printing wo be my suggestions.

How are you printing skills?
Wow, that's a great looking piece ... great use of colors.

Did you create it? If so, very nice work.

I'd recommend printing this image on a high quality ring-spun 100% cotton t-shirt (black) using a high quality Direct-to-Garment printer (DTG). In order to print on a black t-shirt, you'll need to use a DTG printer that can print a nice white under base (cmyk + white). I'd even go a step further and recommend that you get it printed on a NeoFlex DTG printer. IMO, the NeoFlex would do a really great job.

Someone suggested Dye Sublimation which does produce vibrant colors, however, it can only be done on a white or light colored 100% polyester shirt.

Simulated process may also produce a nice print, just make sure you use a screen printer who knows how to do this well.
Wow thank you all so much for the advice. I will do some research and get back to you with results and/ or questions. No, I did not make this myself. As much as I wish I could take credit for the art.

This may be in another post, but do you guys know of any good DTG or Simulated process print companies off the top of your head?
This may be in another post, but do you guys know of any good DTG or Simulated process print companies off the top of your head?
First, where are you located?

Second, how many shirts do you plan to order?

Third, do you plan to re-sell the shirts? If so, do you have the artist's permission to do so? The reason I ask this, is because most of the reputable printers that I know will not accept a job if there's a possibility that it violates a copyright.
I'm with Tygeron, I would print that simulated process.
Much more cost effective than DTG and you will get nice, vibrant colors.
Where are you located, Ty?
I do a lot of simulated printing.
i agree simulated process or index would be ideal. If the production volume doesn't warrant the investment for simulated process, DTG is the way to go.
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