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Breeze 921 Spray Pump Regulator

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We've got a Breeze that is 18 months old and has had 3 spray pump regulators in the last 6 months. Each one has failed and just dumps fixation all over the pallet.

We understand that Kornit are testing a new model as this one clearly isn't fit for the purpose.

Had anyone seen the new one or tried it?

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I recently got one of the new ones after going through a bunch of them. This new one is pretty great it's going strong and I feel like I'm using less fixation somehow which I don't get because I haven't changed my values on my frequent files and there's been no change in print quality so I'm not really questioning it. The new ones feel a lot more solid then the old ones.
Thanks Ghoster

Where are you based?

We are in the UK

we have the new one too after going through 2 faulty ones in 6 months time.

i would suggest you speak to kornit eu in ratingen.
The problem is they upgraded the spray pump a while back and sent them out in mass and all new machines have them. It works a lot stronger then the older version. If you take apart a regulator there is a reddish washer in there and because the pump is so much stronger it ends up chewing up that little washer and it makes everything go wrong. Kornit has been doing a bunch of research into how to fix it and are field testing a bunch of different things to see what is the best fit. Kornit may take awhile to get something fixed but they never just slap on something kind of half thought through.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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