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Breaking into the Vinyl Industry!

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My name is J.D. and I reside in Northwest Ohio. I have been lurking around the board for quite some time and felt it was time to introduce myself. I will soon be launching my own vinyl decal and sign business. This may seem a little forward but I am looking for somewhat of a mentor. You know someone who has forgotten more than I know, lol. That being said if you or someone you know is in the industry and may be willing to show a noobie the ropes I would be more than appreciative. I can be reached through PM here or at

[email protected]

Well thank you for your time, I'll see you around.

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I would recommend going to work at sign company for a while, especially if you know nothing of the industry. This is not a trade you can step up and learn on your own without any help whatsoever. If you are just wanting to do vinyl decals and such, it's not that difficult but stepping up to the vinyl printing/wraps and things is another story. Not to mention, you will need a good $50k worth of equipment to get that rolling.
Thank you for your reply,

I currently work in the sign industry as an installer, we do everything from monument signs to high rise and anything in between. We do some vinyl installation and feel with the limited knowledge I do have plus the common sense god has given me I can hold a pretty strong stance in my market. I am looking to start chasing swap meets, etc. I will start out relatively small scale investing around 10k in the beginning with intentions of growing as large as I feel fit. I love this industry but am ready to branch out ad a weekend warrior. Looking for someone who has maybe started with similar assests, what worked and what didn't, what product is best to start with. Sorry for any misspellings I am sending this from my phone, lol

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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