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breaking in my heat press.

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This site is oging to be the end of me... I feel the need to read almost every post, cause there's endless amounts of information that may be found, if even in the smallest size! :cool:

I head up
Atypical Adornments,fledgling in production, perhaps, but I've been designing for almost 10 years now, and doing the iron-on thing for about 6. Everybody needs to grow-up, so I'm working into the heat press gig.

For now I make for my pleasure or for custom applications of people I know.. business could be in the future with some friends that are already screen printing gods... Poison Apple Shirts for example.

Look for me to be posting everywhere... as I feel I know something about everything... HA HA :D


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Hi peabody, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

This place can be addictive :)
I just wanted to say Hi on an old thread...:p
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