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Hello all,
I joined about a month ago just when me and my partner were deciding to go for it and start making our own shirts instead of paying others to do it for us year after year.

We are in Ft.Worth, (Haltom City) if you know the area, and would love any help that we can get from any local people or anyone for that matter in the business.

Best places to buy blanks, supplies, tips or tricks...
We look forward to being a part of this community and learning a lot from all of you as we go forward into this new venture..


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It's a great feeling when you take charge of your work! It's done on time and it not it's on you. Wish you and your partner the best of luck!

I have found Bodek & Rhodes, Charles River, Sanmar, Bomark and Delta Apparel to be a great service vendors. With great turn arounds

If you need any questions answered this is the place I've used this site way before I joined for the ForeGround of my Company on Embroidering and Screen Printing 3 years ago. And look at some of my counter parts was on here what could I lose?

Be very careful when looking and thinking your same line companies will help Even there is plenty of work out her for all of us but they like to still ideas and block you blessing on the business. I have 20yrs business's asking me how do I get my customers across the US and haven't fully place that side of my website up, I'm good, Honest and on point for all my customers.

Great to have more input and questions I haven't thought of yet Join...:)

Anyone Needs School Uniforms?
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