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Brand new K3 Raptor problems E=001

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so we finally received our printer. we primed the lines, put the wims system to use and turned the printer on.

the printer gives us an error code after the carriage cyles left to right....

there is no mention of this error code in the manual.

when i then push power again it tries to turn off but gives me another error: head cap fail. do manual lock!

shall i power the printer off at the back of the machine???

what is wrong? who can help!
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so i found the problem with that cleared the error. it was the metal thingie that was under the plastic on the capping station. we gently moved it over the plastic and the error was cleared.

then the whole ****storm started before we could even print anything:

> the display started to be half as lit as it was before. no matter how often we power it down, it was very hard to read
> then the wims system pressure we thought was way too high... the first mess we experienced was a yellow ink bottle that spilled ink all over the cmyk system although it was only half full. we removed the connecting breather lines which seemed to clear the error. then a few minutes later on the wims system the recycle line (that pours the white ink back into the huge bottle jumped off its lid and spilled all over the place. was a lot of fun to clean up ;(

and then, after cleaning we wanted to actually go back to printing although we were scared this might happen again. we turned on the machine, did a headcleaning and then powered it off to install the rippro 5.

then we powered the machine on again and after a few seconds dark smoke came out of the top back of the machine and it went dead. think a condenser burnt badly in the printer (the grey box behind the carriage).

now the brand new printer is dead. unbelievable.

what a horror story....

we need help! ;(
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we have been able to fix the problems so far:

> added new 4A fuses to the back of the printer
> replaced the power board (main assy power) as the old one burnt

printer now turns back on, did a headcleaning and reprimed the cartridges.

wish me luck that we can finally print!


Here are some further issues, we have been able to solve just in case somebody runs into the same problems:

a) fuse keeps blowing
at the back of the printer there is a 4A glass fuse located next to the power chord. this one kept blowing every third time we powered the printer on at the back.

solution: diconnect the WIMS power. turn printer on at the back, then reconnect WIMS = no more blown fuses.

b) second pass wouldnt print: no matter what we did with the rip. we selected template 2up for our 2 board platen (we have the extension roller version), select 2 passes on printer & hit load. then it prints a white underbase or the first pass. as soon as this is finished, printer ejects to front again (saying MEDIA SETTINGS!!! Reversing), display reads ready 2 of 2 but does not reload the platen. rip software keeps sending the job (no errors or anything) but not printing 2nd pass.... doing it manually with load button did not work either.....

solution: we might have entered the platen the wrong way. there is a strip under the right side of the platen that gives it a grip. we pointed this strip to where the display panel is and we didnt have any further problems.

will keep you updates on the future issues...
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just to update this thread and keep you in the loop (maybe some of you are looking for solutions, too):

the error regarding MEDIA SETTINGS error after the first pass were indeed software based.

we installed a new K3 PKG printer package for Rippro 5 (Ver 4.2) and the error is now cleared.
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