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I purchased these sublimation ink cartridges and luckily received the bulk ink system from a friend, so I never used the cartridges (all 8 cartridges are still unopened in the plastic). In addition, (2) packs of true pix heat transfer paper (never opened) sizes
8.5 X14 & 11 X17, the ICC profile, 6 small pieces of tile (sublimation ready) & a roll of high heat tape.
I am asking $415 for everything!!

In additional to all of the savings, I will ship for free....that's right, free shipping!!!

Now ask yourself, where & when do you think you'll find a better deal than this?!?! You will be saving over $200 on brand new, quality supplies. No matter how tight the budget is, there's always room for an unbeatable deal! Although bulk ink systems are more price effective, this will give you the opportunity to make a nice profit for far less money. The price I'm asking for this entire listing is about the price of two bags of ink. The cartridges yield 200-300 pages (8 1/2x11, heavy saturation with 1/2 inch borders), which will allow you to make some extra cash before you have to purchase your next set of bags......you can't lose!

The expiration dates on the ink are as follows:

Photo Black- 2/7/09
Matte Black-11/19/09

If you have any questions or would like to purchase these items, please email me. Thanks, Nikki


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.