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I've been using this starter kit from Ryonet for a month now. It's good but I want to print bigger so I'm trying to get a larger platen to fit. The platen they have on silkscreensupplies.com don't have what I need so I want to build my own custom size. Here is the starter kit link of what I have right now:

Screen Printing Starter Kit | Silk Screening Supplies

here's a link to the bracket that I think would work but not sure which is 4" Wide x 1.5" Tall:

Silver Press™ Platen Bracket

Side note:
I did order a neck platen from them that's 18x20 but it didn't work out with the size, I needed a square platen with the shoulder area intact. The description from the receipt said the bracket was "Starter Kit bracket". That bracket is not searchable anywhere on their website. Just seems strange they would put that description instead of a specific bracket name.

Anyone out there know what the bracket size is best or which size I should get that would fit the press? Also has anyone tried a 20x24 platen with this press?

I wanted to see what anyone else said before I have to deal with Ryonet again.

Thanks in advance

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I was wondering if you ever added a larger platen to your starter press. I don't think there is a bracket for the starter press, they just would drill two holes so you can remove one and screw in the other. Curious to know what you ended up doing for I am debating about the same thing.


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