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Boy shorts/booty shorts/hot pants design dimension

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Hey everyone I just got my first shipment of boy shorts in, but I'm a little perplexed as to what size/dimension the print should be? To clarify, I'm looking to print on the back of them using company name, I was thinking somewhere along the lines of 10"x2" but I'd like to get a better idea of what may also work or rather what other people have used for dimensions. I'll be using plastisol transfers so I cant really play around with the sizing W/O spending unnecessary money.
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Sizing is always dependent on the seams and the fabric areas that won't be subject to folds. The only way to know for sure on things like shorts (especially form fitting shorts) is to get a copy and print out your design with various sizes on paper to see what fits (as it's really easy and cheap to print a paper copy with 4 different sizes out)

Either way, no one universal answer.
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are they all the same size? just lay a pair out and measure the back.

as brian says it's really up to you and the equipment you're using. if it's a 14" x 16" heat press then obviously you can't go over 16" with the design. i'd get a friend who is the size of the customers you are looking to sell to and have them put them on and find the size that will work with that booty. ha!

nice username btw.
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