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Box size/Insurance for shipping large quantity to retailers

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I've been reading posts on shipping for 1-10 shirts. I'd like to ask how everyone ships larger orders like 96-1000+. Do you normally stock a certain size box or boxes that can accommodates "x" amount of t-shirts when shipping to a retailer? The scale I have only measures up to 75lbs so I guess it would need to be a box that doesn't exceed 150 shirts.

If you bulk order a certain size box that works for you regardless of quantity that would help. Please include a link or web reference as to where your think is the best place to order box supplies. Shipping method would also be great!

Lastly, do you guys make insurance mandatory for orders above $100.

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Some large boxes may ship via truck. How many large orders do you get? Insure it yourself add to ship cost, its not that much $$$.
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We ship our bulk orders in the box they came in. Gildan XL 72 pcs weighs about 37 lbs. We ship UPS most cases and don't insure. In 20 years we've been bitten maybe twice. If we have a pallet of shirts we send by a LTL (Less than Truckload) truck line like, ASAI, Roadway Etc. Just be sure and not put 1 Skid in discription, put 25 cases on bill of lading. If you ship 150 shirts in 1 box it may be considered oversize and they add an up charge. Like Lost1 said ULINE is ok but if you look arond localy you will find cheaper. Hope it helps, John
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We also purchase boxes and bubble wrap from Uline. They ship from locations all over the US, have an extensive catalogue and its very quick and easy to order from them.

Most of our shipping is of embroidered polos which are folded using a flip fold so our box sizes are based on the folded size of the shirts in one or two stacks depending on the size of the box (one stack for the two smaller boxes and two stacks for the two larger sizes. We also use vendor boxes which are usually wider than our folded stacks but we either take up the space with vertically stacked shirts or bubble wrap. With large quantities of screen printed shirts I would screen printer's fold them so I would probably choose a box size that would neatly accomodate a single pile of folded XL T's but if you have a whole box with one size you might purchase 2-3 sizes to accomodate different shirt sizes. I would also consider what my average order size was and what size boxes are easy for me to handle.

Uline does carry some variable size boxes (can be easily cut down to a smaller size) and they do run sales and offer better pricing on some popular sizes.

Although it is generally cheaper to ship fewer boxes you can incur additional costs by shipping extra large/heavy boxes. We use UPS Ground and I know they have some restrictions. I'm thinking that for pickup there is an additional cost for boxes exceeding 60lbs but I would have to check on that to be certain.
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Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate it!. I think I'll go for couple of box sizes that can accommodate 24, 48, and 96 shirts which should be below the 60lbs mark. I'll also probably insure anything above $100 and incorporate it into the shipping costs.
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