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Bought Diamondback need compressor

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Will this work for my Diamondback 6/8 S?

Shop Ingersoll Rand 5-HP 80-Gallon 135 PSI Electric Air Compressor at Lowes.com

thanks in advance
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Well the link goes to a "Product not found" page but it should work if the CFM is at least 18.5 at 100 psi.

The question is how fast do you plan on running the DB? The manufacture will tell you that you need way more air than a 5hp can put out but that is to cover their be-hind. I have been running my 8 color all air machine (not an M&R) for years on a 5hp Curtis with no problems. We can run at 600 per hour if we feel young enough that day but most of the time we just plug along at around 400 per hour which is fast enough for me at my age.
Thankyou. for some reason i can't paste the link but here is the specifications.

Air Delivery SCFM @ 40PSI 22.0
UL Safety Listing Yes
CSA Safety Listing Yes
ETL Safety Listing No
Gas or Electric Electric
Air Delivery SCFM @ 90PSI 18.1
Need to buy a chiller and at least a 7.5 Hp to provide enough air or it will burn up the compressor.
The compressor will work as long as you do not do over 600 pieces per hour consistently. If you plan on running at the 900 pieces per hour the press is rated at you will need a 7.5 HP unit.
and the chiller? Still need one of those. Daimondbacks aren't cheap. I just bought one, So I know.

Cheap or less expensive is not always the best way to go.
and the chiller? Still need one of those. Daimondbacks aren't cheap. I just bought one, So I know.

Cheap or less expensive is not always the best way to go.
ALL air equipped machines need a chiller regardless of brand.
and the chiller? Still need one of those.
Whatcha waiting for? Not installed/running yet, I hope... 1K will sound like peanuts when you're replacing valves and cylinders...

I used to use an IR rotary screw and it worked great, but been hearing some less than stellar reviews as of late. I now use a 10HP Quincy recip that's a beast--only kicks on a couple times an hour for a few minutes, and it was under 4K with a chiller, pipe, and fittings. (Assembly required) Loud as heck though.
Rich is right and is what I said also. 600 per hour or less and he can run the DB for years on a 5hp.

While cheaper is not always better is a true statement, a lot of people just cannot afford to get the best right off. The thing about a 5hp is later he can get another one and duplex them as alternating lead-lag. This way if one ever goes down he is still printing while the repairs are going on.

If anyone ever wants to know how to duplex 2 compressors together with a alternating lead-lag and time delayed second compressor recovery, just PM me and I will tell you how to do it.

For the air dryer I would strongly suggest a high temp and make sure it is large enough to handle the CFM.
At least 7.5 hp. Bigger if you can afford it.
Oil seperator downline, and we use a filter/regulator out of the tank before the chiller, as well as filter on the inlet of the press. Auto oiler a good item as well.
You can't have perfect enough air for any air cylinder. They will do weird unexplainable intermitent things if you don't pay scrupulous attention to the air. (esp. a year down the road).
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