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Booty short/hot short

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Hi yall i love this place so much,i just got my press and cutter like couple weeks ago and its working great, thanks to this forums, but any who i was tryn to search on where to buy booty short or hot short in wholesale, i seem to only find one that are going for $15 a short and thats kinda to pricey for me so any info or link will help thanks ooh yeah one more thing i need tube tops too thanks:)
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American apparel has them. If you sign up for an account the prices are much cheaper then you see on their list.
ok i see it in American apparel can i press this with the jpss transfer or vinyl
yes you should be able to with no problem because they are mostly cotton. As far as vinyl I would try thermoflex or one of the types, that has some stretch are are meant for it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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