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Greetings all! New to this forum, just found it by chance.

I have been selling my "Canada Kicks ***" t-shirts since sometime in 2000 I think. I am the creator of the website that I started back in 1998 by the same name. www.canadaka.net

I started off by creating my own shirts at local printers and created an ecommerce store, handled it all myself, was just a small hobby thing, members of the site wanted shirts. I have since sold hundreds and hundreds of my trademark "Canada Kicks ***" shirts around the world.

But I did not enjoy dealing with shipping and was to costly to keep shirts in stock or to add designs, was just a hobby. So I just recently am switching my shop over to using spreadshirt.com as my printers. I designed my own custom php system to interface with there system, so I didn't have to use there limited customer store.

With this new arrangement I am freed from past money limitations and can now offer much more designs and clothing options. So the last month or so I've been adding loads of new designs to my shop.

Check it out at http://shop.canadaka.net most of the designs are Canada themed but I have several that are not. Any comments are more than welcome.
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