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Hey all,

I had a quick question. Alstyle was little, to no help on this one. I got the size chart from them regarding the 1701. Their small for example is 18" body width x 27" body height. Does anyone know of a conversion that will get the traditional chest sizing number from these dimensions? I am putting together a sizing chart for my online shop and most shoppers won't understand a width and height figure on the chart, but the more common chest size.

Many thanks for any insight.

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When it comes to sizing, nothing is standard... so I'm not really sure what you mean by "traditional". My traditional isn't necessarily someone else's traditional, and a third party might have a third view on the matter.

Do you mean the chest sizes that are derived from actually measuring your chest, usually used for formal wear? If your chest is 40" buy our Medium and the like?

T-shirt manufacturers tend to play fast and loose with sizing.

The body width measurements are straight across the fabric (under the arms), so if you double them you'll be in the right ballpark. A lot of the size charts you'll see for t-shirts that give chest measurements don't do any more than that, which theoretically leads to skin tight t-shirts if you follow the sizing chart.

T-shirt size charts are not consistent though, and I wouldn't trust a single one of them.

Or do you mean the letter grades most people are familiar with, e.g. 21" width = L? That particular size chart should be available on Alstyle's site.

The usual advice with t-shirts is to measure a shirt you're happy with and match it to the size chart. The underlying assumption that someone already owns a t-shirt is usually fair ;)

If you want to be able to provide chest measurements, maybe find a site that has pretty comprehensive measurements for the clothes it sells (somewhere that tells you both what your chest measurements should be for the size, and what the actual fabric width is) and correlate it to that. I think you'd have better luck finding that kind of information for a product like business shirts than t-shirts, but it should be similar in principle.

I think half the reason chest measurements aren't given for t-shirts is that it's far more subjective what size to wear. Wear an incorrectly sized business shirt and you just look like you can't dress yourself, but for t-shirts anything from skin-tight to a size over is generally considered fine.
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