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Hi All,

My BN-20 has seen a lot less action over the past year or so but I have made daily trips to my shop and I would do a normal clean and every 1 to 2 weeks a manual clean. I fired things up today and I am having issues – When I do a print I see horizontal lines on the vinyl. I have changed the vinyl to a new roll in case the old one was duty and lifting up but the new one has the same issue. I don’t see the vinyl lifting but the horizontal lines on the vinyl do look like the print head touching the vinyl.

I did a nozzle check and it has some issues so preformed a normal clean and did another nozzle check and shockingly things got much worse. I moved to a medium and then finally a powerful clean and the nozzle check stayed very bad. At this point I stopped and am hoping to get some advice.

Attached are some photos:
example image 1 = test print that had horizontal lines
Insect Arthropod Pollinator Parasite Pest

Nozzle check 1 = first nozzle check
Green Blue Rectangle Textile Line

Nozzle check 2-3-4 = nozzle checks top is 2 middle 3 and the bottom is 4 (head is getting worse after each clean)
Material property Font Rectangle Composite material Pattern

I have done some reading and it I think the head may be touching the vinyl and the right clam as that has some ink on it. does anyone have some tips on how to keep the vinyl and clamps down? Also any help with the head would be great – I am hoping I will not need to buy a replacement head.

Thanks for any and all help.
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